14 Date Ideas that Keep You On Track


What do I mean by planning dates that keep you on track? Well think about it, the typical date is dinner, dinner and a movie, or something else usually involving a meal that isn't part of your plan. Well there are tons of different things you could do that wouldn't involve tons of food.



The Benefits of Standing While Working

You may not know this, but humans are not meant to sit around all day. A lot of people don't realize that evolution doesn't just happen over the course of a few thousand years. Evolution takes hundreds of thousands even millions of years to happen. What does that mean for humans and sitting? Well we shouldn't sit around for 12 plus hours a day.

How to Break Up With Junk Food

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1. Clean all the junk food out of your home. 

Think of the stereotypical image of the woman getting dumped by her boyfriend and climbing into bed with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. If that tub wasn’t in the freezer to begin with, odds are that our protagonist would have instead settled for a soak in the tub.

There’s also “unconscious eating” to worry about—when you just grab a bag of fried carbs...

Simple Steps to Improve Your Life

Get Organized

This is huge for me. I cannot function in a messy cluttered space. When my work and play areas are all over the place it actually causes emotional distress. I lash out and become cranky. Why? Well it's simple, how can you feel safe, calm, and "in control" of your life when you see disarray every time you turn your head? 

Plus, nobody likes coming home to a mess, and those piles of clutter add to your to-do list.  So, instead of letting things...

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