14 Date Ideas that Keep You On Track


What do I mean by planning dates that keep you on track? Well think about it, the typical date is dinner, dinner and a movie, or something else usually involving a meal that isn't part of your plan. Well there are tons of different things you could do that wouldn't involve tons of food.


  1. Hiking: It’s not too strenuous and you get to wear workout clothes that show off your assets. The best part: you can take a bunch of deep breaths of fresh air to keep your cool if you get the butterflies.

  2. Amusement park: First dates can be a little awkward but you can be sure that the roller coaster’s first big drop will help you drop your guard and get your adrenaline pumping.

  3. Dance lessons: Dancing is intimate and sexy, so you may want to start out with a line dancing lesson and save the salsa lesson for the second date.

  4. Museum or art walk: Walking around a museum might not sound “sexy,” but if your date enjoys the arts, they just might get inspired by a romantic piece. And remember, smart is sexy, so no matter what, it’s a chance to enrich your brain.

  5. Mini golf: Get silly on a date with mini-golf, the king of non-sports. Relax, have fun, hit a ball through a windmill and have some laughs.

  6. Bowling: This is where you can show off your athleticism or you can just roll the ball from between your legs and hope it hits a pin. And when you throw on those sexy bowling shoes, no one can take themselves too seriously, which helps you both just be yourselves.

  7. Batting cages: Swing batter batter swing! You’ll need some skill to hit a home run, but if your date is having trouble with his or her swing, you’ll get the opportunity to get close and help with their form.

  8. Planetarium: Is there anything more relaxing and romantic than staring up at a starry night sky? And everybody knows, when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. Even if it’s a planetarium star. So make those wishes, lovers!

  9. Paintball and laser tag: Paintball can sting so if you want to be sure no one goes home with a bruise, laser tag might be the way to go. Personally, I would opt for paintball, it really gets the adrenaline going and leaves you flushed and feeling alive.

  10. Roller skating or ice skating: You might fall, you might be off balance, and you might look a little silly. But you know what? That’s endearing. Be willing to fall, since then your date has to help you up. How else would you get to hold hands so quickly? Roller skaters—if your date is game, dress up 70s style.

  11. Yoga: Yoga is a great way to relax and keep anxiety levels down. You also have to be quiet, so imagine not saying anything stupid for at least an hour on a first date (that would be a record for me). Afterwards hit a juice bar for a little conversation—and now you have something to talk about.

  12. Go to a park to picnic and play: Play Frisbee, play catch, play badminton, kick the soccer ball around, fly a kite, or teach your date how to throw a football. Just get out there and play! And bring some nice healthy snacks and a blanket so you can take a break, lay down, and watch the clouds go by.

  13. Arcade: Where else can you race cars, shoot hoops, and save the world from killer zombies? Also, there aren’t too many things that will loosen you up like a good dance off. Time to find your inner M.C. Hammer.

  14. Indoor parachuting: Just think, afterwards your date can tell his/her friends that you made them feel like they were flying. Throw on your parachute jumpsuit to earn your wings, and maybe even a second date.

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