A Bus Ride With 5 Cents

During my quest for a seamstress, I was introduced to a lady who sewed prom gowns and lived close to my house. I had never met her but was told that she traveled to the garment district in New York quite often. I called her, introduced myself and asked if she would sew my prototypes. Of course I had to have the best timing! Prom season was coming up in a few months, she had a wedding party and there was just far too much for her to do.  We talked for a while and I mentioned that I was looking for different embellishments and swimwear fabric. She offered to take me with her to New York in March, so I agreed. I was disappointed I still didn't have a seamstress but figured it couldn't hurt to go with her, and the trip could provide an opportunity to convince her to work with me.

Clueless, I continued my quest to find a seamstress. I figured after the New York trip, I would at least have everything I needed when I found a seamstress. I called my cousin, Denise and asked her to join me on a Peter Pan. We set the date and started planning. This would be my very first bus ride to New York. Planning doesn't always guarantee that things work out the way you want. 

When we bought our tickets, we thought we would sit together on the bus. We were not alone in wanting to travel to New York that cold day in March. We sat on opposite sides of the bus and couldn't talk until we arrived. We arrived in New York around noon with only a few hours to shop before we had to be back in Maryland. My fabric budget was also limited but that was thrown out the door when I arrived in the garment district. I completely lost my mind! I met with my "hopeful seamstress" who was gracious enough to take us from store to store until we separated because we were shopping for different fabrics.

We decided to grab a bite at a café on a corner before heading back to the bus station.  I reached into my pockets and realized I only had 5 cents. My cousin noticed my facial expression and asked "what?". I said "oh my gawd Denise, I don't have any more money", with obvious irritation on her face she said "I knew I should have taken 50.00 dollars from you." Thankfully, I remembered I had $10.00 on a credit card. Not wanting to make a fool of myself in front of the seamstress, I told Denise to stay with them while I called customer service. The $10.00 turned out to be only few dollars to buy both of us something to eat before the four hour ride back home.

Sitting at the table, we looked at each other and just laughed so hard, I was so embarrassed. The seamstress and her friend asked if we were okay. After shopping for hours, in the cold wet rain, all I could afford was a small bowl of soup. We gathered our belongings, put on our coats and headed for the bus station to catch the bus home. We stood in line huddled together with our feet freezing as it started to pour as if a cloud was hanging over our heads.

As we took our seats on the bus my cousin said "you do know if anything happens to us, we can't get home because you decided to spend all of the money except for the 5 cents in your pocket". I prayed to God for a smooth ride,  and as I laid my head on her shoulder while thanking her for coming with me she said, "winch next time, I'm holding the money."


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