Starting Fresh in 2018 - Organizing Your Bedroom

While I firmly believe that keeping your kitchen clean and your counters clear helps your home feel decluttered, your bedroom is probably the most important part of your home to keep organized!

Your bedroom is not only where you go to relax and sleep, but also the most common place for activities of a romantic nature. Just imagine how much of a buzzkill it can be to have to move things out of the way to go to bed, or right before you have some sexy times!

Here's a few tips to keep your bedroom clean and tidy:

1. Spend 45 minutes a week organizing your bedroom.

The more often you organize, the less time it will take. First, tackle your closet, then we'll move through your dresser, night table, bureaus and under the bed. My biggest clutter challenge is clothing scattered all over the room thanks to my partner. When I declutter the bedroom, I bring in a laundry bin and garbage bags to make sure I get rid of what I need to toss. You can tailor this to your own habits, but this guide will give you a good starting point.

2. Declutter your closet often.

Even if the clutter is behind closed doors the closet is often overflowing with clutter. I know I'm guilty of keeping clothes I no longer wear, and clothes that never quite got back onto the right hanger or into the correct stack on the shelf. A few habits will help this:

  1. Talk the extra 5 seconds to hang your clothes up;
  2. Fold them and put them into the complete stack on your shelves or dresser drawers
  3. Put dirty clothes in the hamper right away rather than into an in-between pile on the floor.

Spending a little time on this makes organizing easier and less time-consuming.

3. Choose the right type of hamper.

The first step in tidying up the bedroom clutter is to make sure you have a laundry basket in your room. I've found the majority of bedroom clutter is dirty clothes that never made their way to the hamper. That doesn't mean it needs to be a hamper; you can choose something that aligns with your decor, like a basket or a big bin. Then, follow these steps and commit to organizing regularly to keep your bedroom the peaceful environment it should be.

4. Use bowls, trays, and decorative boxes to contain clutter.

Bedrooms tend to collect a lot of one-off items like watches, earrings, books, mail, and other knickknacks. Streamline this by storing jewelry, glasses, magazines and books in trays and bowls around your bedroom. You could turn it into a crafting project and make your own matching set of boxes and trays.

5. Learn the best way to organize a closet

I have to admit, I'm still trying to find the best method for me. I'm usually very busy and get little time at home to organize. If you have a small closet, organization is crucial. You don't have the luxury of putting something on a shelf you're not sure about because there is no extra space. It's good because it forces you to make decisions about clothing right away instead of letting them sit around for months. Commit to making decisions about your wardrobe up front. 

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