When I Decided...

Have you ever wanted to do things in life but were totally paralyzed by fear? It was something I had never experienced. The first time I felt that fear was during a night out. I was accustomed to seeing this tall, handsome, absolutely gorgeous man whom at a club I frequented, but never had the courage to speak to him.  One night I said to myself this would be the night that I will say "Hi". My girlfriend gave me the pep talk and confidence boost I needed, as a best friend should. I thought about our entire life together as I stood there, holding my liquid courage, watching him watch other people dance in the club.  The more sips I took the more I thought I had built enough nerve to say something but I was paralyzed by my fear of rejection. After that night I never saw him again.

When I decided to create Bjuled Couture Swimsuits in February 29, 2013, I felt that same fear of rejection as if I wasn't good enough. I didn't know a thing about sketching, designing, manufacturing, marketing, photo shoots, models, fashion shows  or owning a business. I showed my sketches to a few family members and friends who gave me the courage(without the liquid) to pursue my dreams and passion. I've always loved fashion and weekend getaways at the beach with my dad but never thought in my wildest dreams that I would or even could create a fashionable swimwear collection. I will not tell you that it was easy because it wasn't easy and it still isn't. I had to research the swimwear market, find a seamstress, make hard decisions, travel to places to discuss my ideas, learn to trust and understand people who were experienced, fund my dream all while working around the clock. There were times when I could have said I've had enough but then I thought but what if.... 

Through all of the sacrifices, tears, joy, pain, loss of friendships, sleepless night, disagreements I got through it, but most importantly for me I made a decision, took action and refused to give up. I refused to listen to people who were scared of stepping out on faith and pursing their goals and dreams and you can too.  My sister said she heard Steve Harvey say “inch by inch everything is a cinch".  I’ve stayed focused on the short term and long term goals I wrote on my white board when I first started. Today, I have I reached some of those goals, others I’m still working towards, but after 3 years I've taken an idea that turned it into a reality and a tangible business.

This journey has just begun for us, I've met wonderful, talented people and I've met people who were not so pleasant but that’s ok. What I will say is fear hasn’t stopped me, in fact it has for me it has strengthened me. It’s fueled my drive and my desire to continue to push forward.

That's what our company, Bjuled Couture Swimsuits, is all about. We are determined, passionate, fearless, beautiful, and strong fashion seekers. We embody all of these principles which make us a successful company. I have learned a valuable lesson that night from the tall, handsome, gorgeous guy that I was afraid to say hi to, I learned that we are all amazing, creative, worthy individuals who have much to offer to the world. We want all women to look and feel amazing wearing a Bjuled Couture Swimsuits.

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