Susan Curry, Social Media Director

Susan Curry is the Social Media Director for Bjuled Couture Plus Size Swimsuits, as well as a professional plus size model. from She was born and raised in a small country town and modeled for a short time at the age of 16. She entered the traditional workforce and focused on studies during her late 20s.

She received her MBA in Business Management and works in the Insurance field while studying for a PhD in Business. In her spare time she's a fit model, participates in editorial work, and runway modeling. Her hobbies include paddleboarding, walking ocean beaches, and spending time with family and friends.

Her passion for writing was discovered after she began working towards her degree and writing numerous papers on fashion related topics. At that point, she began blogging. She understands the responsibility to be a positive role model to other women, men, and to our youth and use available opportunities to spread a message of positivity and personal growth.

Her motto is "hard work pays off, and if it doesn't work the first time, change your strategy and try again."